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Award-winning former investigative reporter Basil Hero chronicles the life lessons humanity can learn from the twelve remaining Apollo astronauts who went to the Moon.

In rare in-depth interviews, the twelve remaining lunar explorers, for the first time, talk at length about the real right stuff; the true source of courage, leadership, and the quiet patriotism that it took to risk their lives going to the moon. Hero begins each chapter with key life lessons that readers can gain from these honorable men whom he calls the Eagles. He describes how they mastered their emotions and learned to conquer their fears through techniques that can be used from the classroom to the boardroom. 

More importantly their voyages to the Moon led them to the most incredible discovery of all: our home planet and its precious place in the universe. They fear for Earth's future and offer sensible solutions to its mounting crises and the path to future space exploration. 

In The Mission Of A Lifetime, the Eagles share their wisdom and urge us to reframe our view of Earth to theirs: no identifiable nations, borders, or races; just Earthlings working together as a collective civilization.

Basil Hero
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Book Notes by Basil Hero

Fifty years will have elapsed since Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin and the other lunar explorers (who I've have come to call the Eagles) made their historic voyages.

That’s a long time. Their Apollo missions have been written about exhaustively, including the autobiographies of the Eagles documenting their own lives. But those were written years ago and stopped short of probing the more existential questions each of us has contemplated.

It’s possible, I thought, that as the Eagles were closing in on their nineties, they might be willing (even keen, perhaps) to offer the kind of life-reflections generated by the accumulated wisdom of their emeritus years. Reflections about courage. About conquering one’s fears. About what constitutes a worthwhile personal and professional life. About the latest data on our home planet’s perilous state.

The Book



From childhood, and throughout his career as a media entrepreneur (see New York Times), Basil has maintained a lifelong fascination with space exploration and the men who went to the Moon. Now approaching their nineties, the lunar explorers open up in ways that would not have been possible from their younger selves of ten or twenty years ago.

They are intrepid souls whose wisdom has been forged by a voyage and a view of Earth (Earthrise) that only twenty-four humans have experienced. Their wish for all of us is to keep pushing the boundaries (as they did) and always, always living life with fierce optimism, and faith, that like the Moonshot, any goal—no matter the odds—is as achievable as your resolve to see it through."

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